Now here is our story

We have always been hard core gamers, until we decided to also become hard core game developers. We created PinchPoint Inc., our own Gaming Studio, in June 2013 to bring more games to our taste into the Arab market. We specialize in free-to-play casual and super casual games. We take pride in our innovation, diligence, and weirdness.Our team consists of six code lovers, Co-founders Khaled, Ammar, Tareq, who have been coding and gaming for more than 15 years, and Raed, Yahya and Ali, game developers of 12 years, especially in love with strategy games.

Yasmine, Asma’ and Mohamad are our prized artists, playing with characters, UI and backgrounds like there is no tomorrow. Shurouq, who never wrote a line of code, is in charge of bringing players to our games. Luckily, she loves interacting with people and psychological warfare.

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PinchPoint Inc.

8 Struggle Street, Ramallah



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