League of Seekers featured on Androidapps

League of Seekers is a new game available on Google Play that appeals to the dueler and it lives up to its name by featuring a warrior who continually goes from battle to battle defeating Legendary Monsters wherever it goes. The way the game designers have brought ancient ideas to

League of Guessing featured on the PC Gamer

While the League of Legends World Championships are just getting started, a new type of competitive LoL is on its way to Steam. League of Guessing is an unofficial LoL trivia game that originally came out on iOS and Android, and is coming to PC for free sometime this month.

Founding PinchPoint: A Series of Fortunate Events

In many startups, the early story tends to either be forgotten or glorified, so I decided to write this blog post early on before I forgot the details. The story of starting our mobile gaming company PinchPoint is one of fortune. We have been very lucky because many many important

Few things I learned

It’s all about the TEAM Before you start reading, I advice you to read the disclaimer post on this blog, just to know my background and where all this come from… I decided to write this post after the realisation that there seems to be a problem in our (as


PinchPoint Inc.

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