League of Guessing featured on the PC Gamer

While the League of Legends World Championships are just getting started, a new type of competitive LoL is on its way to Steam. League of Guessing is an unofficial LoL trivia game that originally came out on iOS and Android, and is coming to PC for free sometime this month.

Palestine’s PinchPoint releases new game despite unrest

While the world has been watching the escalating clashes in Palestine, Palestinian gaming company PinchPoint Inc. recently released a new mobile game, Billiards Shoot Master. “The challenges we face as a company, include instability of the political situation in the last few months which limited the ability of some team

In the shadow of Tel Aviv, Ramallah’s young tech scene takes flight

A tech sector largely fueled by low-level outsourcing work is starting to see its own startups thrive. We made a stop there on CNET Road Trip. A series of these large, red signs — written in English, Hebrew and Arabic — greeted me last month at the entryway to the

72 ساعة لاختبار مواهب مطوّري الألعاب في رام الله

انضمّت فلسطين إلى فعالية “زنقة الألعاب” Game Zanga، بعدما اجتمع مطوّرو الألعاب في رام الله، خلال عطلة نهاية الأسبوع، للعمل على تحويل أفكارهم إلى ألعاب خلال 72 ساعة، سعياً للفوز بالمسابقة. وفعالية “زنقة الألعاب” التي يُعتبَر هذا العام الخامس لها على التوالي في المنطقة العربية، عُقِدَت للمرّة الأولى في فلسطين.

72-hour gamer comp tests Ramallah talent

Palestine has joined Game Zanga’s 72-hour design competition as game developers converged on Ramallah over the weekend to try and beat the clock with a winning idea. This is Game Zanga’s fifth year but last weekend was its first time in Ramallah. From July 31 to August 2, game developers,

BBC Click drifts from technology into ME politics

June 6th saw the appearance of a report titled “Could Ramallah become an Arab World tech hub?” in the ‘Features & Analysis’ section of the BBC News website’s Middle East page and on its Technology page. A similar filmed report on the same topic, also byClick PA BBC Click’s Jen

West Bank Start Up Swimming After Success of Spermania

Start Up of the Month: When people think of the video gaming industry, they don’t usually think of Palestine. But one start up in Ramallah wants to change that. PinchPoint, the first venture-capital-invested company in the West Bank, made its debut into the world of mobile gaming with Spermania –

The Game Of Life

Simon Parkin appreciates Spermania, a video game in which “players assume the role of a plucky sperm that must navigate the kinks and curves of an undulating fallopian tube,” as a “good joke that’s well told.” He describes how the game’s creators at the Ramallah-based PinchPoint, Inc. had to overcome

Spermania: Palästinensischer Entwickler macht Spiel über Sperma

PinchPoint ist ein aufstrebender Entwickler. Das alleine wäre natürlich kaum erwähnenswert, immerhin gibt es tausende aufstrebende Entwickler. Die Hintergrundgeschichte des Studios lässt jedoch auf eine interessante Story hoffen: Die Spieleschmiede ist nämlich in der Stadt Ramallah im Westjordanland angesiedelt.


PinchPoint Inc.

8 Struggle Street, Ramallah



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