Are you a small studio? A lone wolf developing in a cave? A crazy dreamer?

Regardless of what, when and how, we are interested your game!

We can help you take it to the whole world, or part of it, at least, through our publishing chain.

What can you get when you publish with PinchPoint?


Marketing and User Acquisition

Our PR and marketing team will ensure that you get the widest possible reach. We will work together to position the game where desired through cross promotion, paid and guerilla campaigns, and our PPFN (Pinch Point Fan Network), and will work with you on the app stores listing to optimize download ratios.

Monetisation & Analytics

We have data experts and monetization advisors that will help you choose a business model. We draw from best practices, current market research, and trends. We make sure that you monetize without compromising the player’s experience. We’ll work closely together to ensure we are successfully engaging the player with a game that’s both properly and respectfully monetized.

Post launch, our data experts will continue analysing the ingame economy, game mechanics, and player activity and engagement. From there we can work with you to enhance retention, conversion, monetization and enjoyment.

Art & Development

We have a team of talented artists and designers that will work with you to improve characters, UI, backgrounds, maps, environment, particle system design, etc to make your game more appealing to the players.

We also have a talented team of developers that will help you polish the code, debugging, quality assurance, physics, among other techie stuff.


What does the deal look like?

We make revenue sharing deals with our developers. We try to lessen the load on the developer so we pay for UA and . Ofcorse, specifics of each deal are different for each deal, and the details are discussed privately.

At what stage can I submit my game?

We need to be able to play the game to decide, so the game needs to be in BETA stage at least. We also accept released games.

Are there any specific game genres (types) that PinchPoint prefers to publish?

No, as long as the game is fun and addictive, we can publish it

Send us your game now!

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